Pwy ‘dwi / About me

Croeso / Welcome / Bienvenido.

Who am I? I am an unemployed, Climate Change graduate and I am currently travelling South America for 9 months, slowly working my way from the Caribbean coast of Colombia to the southern most city in the world, Ushuaia, in Chilé.

My 13kg backsack is heavy enough as it without added weight from carrying around multiple diaries and therefore this blog will allow me to record anything that I find interesting along the way. I will be blogging in both Welsh and English depending on the way the wind blows but feel free to use the Google Translate option on the bottom of the main page as you wish. This is not a travel blog detailing exactly where I’ve been and what I did. This is more of a platform for me to write about the most striking things that interest me, which may include environmental, historical, and political topics, as I travel the 10,500km from north to south.